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International Living Magazine, located at Woodlock House, Portlaw, Co. Waterford, is in the business of showing people how and where they can enjoy an international life, live better for less, embrace an adventure-filled retirement.
The magazine’s 100,000-plus subscriber base is predominantly North American. We also have an Australian edition and a monthly newsletter called Incomes Abroad, with a focus on opportunities for readers to fund a life overseas. We have daily emailed postcards, overseas conferences, interactive forums, and a huge library of in-depth publications.

Managing Editor/Writer

Managing Editor/Writer   International Living is looking for a managing editor for its daily e-letter.   As part of The Agora network of companies, International Living has been the forefront of exploring opportunities to live, travel, and invest overseas since the 1980s. We serve North American readers and we present them with one simple idea: […]

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