Life At Woodlock Services

Our aim is to provide quality and consistent services to our clients, and in doing so help them to grow their businesses. Our experienced teams work with one another to ensure that the newest innovative ideas being generated by the business leaders and their teams have all the support they need in order to be successful.

We do not rewrite our clients’ stories. We allow them the time and space to imagine what is next, what is possible tomorrow, rather than being consumed by the day-to-day details of running a business. We dedicate the time and energy to get to know the businesses and the leaders we support and tailor our efforts to help achieve the goals they set.

Put, simply, we are there for any organizational support they may need, and subsequently, they can focus on the work they want to focus on.

We like to ask questions, test, and sometimes push the envelope. We not only like to get creative…we think it’s a “must.” We work with business leaders and innovators who expect us to think like they do. Because each business leader is different, our services are shaped to suit the ideas that they believe in. And we know that their best ideas are likely to be unconventional. So we are flexible, agile, and willing to abandon the idea of “everyday” business in pursuit of better outcomes.

We get to do what we do in a historic house located in Portlaw Co. Waterford, just 20 minutes outside of Waterford City. Woodlock House was built in 1864 and recently underwent a restoration that has allowed us and our client companies to work in an historic environment with state of the art technology and equipment at our fingertips.

And while we are dedicated to inspiring and supporting innovation, we enjoy a foundation based on traditional principles. Similar to the building in which we operate, Woodlock Services maintains a level of classical values in our relationships with our colleagues and clients. These values include strength, accountability, composure, and the human touch – all of which have become an integral part of our culture.